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Caterpillar - Christy Wessler

I wanted to give the caterpillar's thoughts of personal destiny a voice. We are, in fact, all caterpillars who know deep down we are meant to fly. ~ Christy
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song lyrics

Caterpillar walking along, on thirty odd legs,
Just singing a song
While all the other buggies are laughin’ at him
You know why?
‘Cause he keeps saying, “Someday, I don’t know how,
But I’m gonna fly!”
“I’m gonna flutter through the breezes in the sky,
I’m gonna take these wings, that I don’t have
And fly, my oh my!”

Caterpillar, nobody knows where he gets the idea he can fly,
Where does he get the idea he can try, oh, ho
To do the impossible?
Caterpillar, nobody cares to hear the improbable odds,
So he just keep smiling and nods and goes on his way.
Ay ay, ay ay, ay ay

Soon he pulls himself up high into a tree,
He builds himself a fine cocoon
And gently rocks himself to sleep.
All the buggies say, “Look at him hide!
He must be crying inside. We damaged his pride!
Oh, what did he expect from the lot of us!”
And you know why?
' Cause he keeps saying, “Someday, I don’t know how,
But I’m gonna fly!”
“What do we see? What do we do?
There’s a tear in the funny cocoon!
Look up there, up in the sky, well,
I’ll be darned, it’s a butterfly!”

Caterpillar, nobody knew where he got the idea he could fly
Where did he get the idea he could try, oh ho
To do the impossible!
Caterpillar, nobody cared to hear the improbable odds
Now he just keep smilin’ and nods as he flies away!
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay,
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay,
There he goes!

Available soon in an illustrated children's book: Caterpillar


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